Conical Planter

Type: Conical
Size: Medium
Material: UV Stabilized Durable Polyethylene

Polycon Planters are made of durable high quality UV Stabilized Polyethylene from a single mold which ensures a seamless, leak proof product perfectly suitable for internal and external use.

It is maintenance-free and tailored to the harsh weather conditions of the Gulf. It is equipped with a drainage pipe to drain out excess water.

The Planters are supplied in illuminated and non-illuminated types. Illumination is provided by high quality water-proof connection to 220V energy saver lamps with average life of 6000 working hours. In case needed, the bulbs can be easily replaced. Mobile connectors ensure that the connection to the mains can be easily removed for change in installation location.


  • Illuminated & non-illuminated types
  • Durable Polyethylene Material
  • Strong Single mold construction
  • UV Stabilized colors that resist fading
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Tailored to harsh Gulf weather conditions
  • Equipped with drainage pipe to drain excess water


Electrical power connection must be water proof and connected to a circuit breaker fused for safety. Polycon assumes no responsibility for faulty or substandard electrical connections to the planters. Local safety codes and regulations must be respected at all time