1 Widening of Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway and Improvement of Intersection With Shaikh isa Bin Salman Highway Ministry Of Works Municipalities Affairs and Urben Planning Al Ghanim International Contracting Road Barriers
2 Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP) BAPCO Technip FMC Tecnicas Reunidas Samsung Engineering - JV Road Barriers
3 Southern Governorate Housing Project Prince's Foundarion - 120 Demo Units & Askar ( Block A & B ,Block C & D ) Ministry Of Housing Naba International, Delta Mechanical Services Polthelene Water Tanks
4 East Hidd Housing Development 424 Villa Ministry Of Housing Dar Al Khaleej Trading & Contracting Polyethylene Water Tanks
5 Bahrain International Airport Acess Improvement Stage - 1 Bahrain Airport Company Down Town Construction Road Barriers
6 Al Madina Al Shamalia 1037 Social Villa PPP Ahmed Mansoor Al Aali, Cebarco, Almoayyed Contracting Polyethylene Water Tanks
7 Madinat Hamad Housing Projects Ministry Of Housing Almoayyed Contracting Polyethylene Water Tanks
8 Line 6 Expansion Project Alba ALBA Nass Cntracting NSH Corporation GAMA Power Systems Fives Solios Nass Electrical Road Barriers
9 9 Storey Apartment Building @ Lawzi Ministry Of Housing Projects Construction Co Polethylene Water Tanks
10 Al Madina Al Shamalia 400 Villa PPP Bahrain Motor Company Polethylene Water Tanks
11 East Sitra Housing Project Ministry Of Housing Bahrain Motor Company MAY Al Mezeal Construction Polethylene Water Tanks
12 196 Houses @ Diyar Al Muharraq - Phase 2 Diyar Homes W.L.L Al Hedaya Contracting Polethylene Water Tanks
13 Al Buhair Housing Projects Ministry Of Housing Dar Al Khaleej Al Shaheen , Aseeri Cons. Al Haikal Polethylene Water Tanks
14 Al Namal Labour Accomodation @ Hidd Al Namal Al Namal Contracting Polethylene Water Tanks
15 Ministry Of Housing Project @ Al Hunainiyah Ministry Of Housing Aradous Al Shaheen Polethylene Water Tanks
16 Al Madina Al Shamalia Ministry of Housing Novar Plumbing Polethylene Water Tanks
17 Ministry Of Housing Salmabad - Phase 2 Ministry Of Housing Delta Construction Polethylene Water Tanks
18 Ministry Of Housing JAW - Phase 1 Ministry Of Housing Fundament Polethylene Water Tanks
19 Ministry Of Housing Sitra Ministry Of housing Abdul Aziz Al -sayed Contracting & Trading W.l.l Polethylene Water Tanks
20 Al Madina Al Shamalia PPP Crown Electro Mechanical Contracting Polethylene Water Tanks