Inspection Chambers (Polyethylene)

Polycon Inspection chambers offer an alternative to traditional manholes. Polycon’s innovative design brings unrivalled flexibility to the underground drainage system.

Polycon Inspection chamber are molded from Black high density polyethylene having excellent mechanical strength and rigidity. It is light weight in comparison to concrete inspection chamber, thereby eliminating the need of heavy and expensive material. Precision engineered and pre-benched chamber base offer smooth, uninterrupted flow characteristics. HDPE’s naturally smooth internal surface combined with benching will maximize flow capacity through chamber.

The chamber has flexible connections for all inlets allowing a 10degree movement in any direction. This is a great assistance to the installer where the connecting pipes are not perfectly aligned with the chamber’s inlets. In many instances it will eliminate the need to install an extra bend and provide a saving on the cost of the installation.

The chamber base incorporates five 110 or 160 mm inlets. In addition, there is variety of inlet & outlet combination available on the chamber.

In summary, the POLYCON Inspection Chamber design and flexibility provides a practical, innovative and cost effective solution for the provision of access in a drainage system.