Vertical Tanks

Polycon water tanks are specially designed with a smooth inner layer that resists growth of algae and bacteria. The one-piece, molded body has no joints and is absolutely maintenance free. Polyethylene granules used in the construction of the tanks ensure it is strong, durable and free from corrosion.

Designed for easy handling and mobility, it is lightweight and easy to install. A special, threaded cover ensures that the tank and its contents cannot be tampered with.

Polycon water tanks are adaptable to a variety of applications in household, water supply schemes, agricultural farms, chemical plants, defense, hospital, office, schools and colleges.

Please check our Product Specification sheet for complete list of dimensions available to suit your space and needs. Please visit our gallery page to view various shapes and designs available.

Note: All sizes of tanks are available in STANDARD THREE LAYERS as well as FOUR LAYER INSULATED TYPE.

For further specifications and sizes of water tanks Click here.