Who We Are

Polycon Bahrain is a pioneer in the manufacturing of polyethylene water tanks, road barriers and other roto-molded products.


To be the leading manufacturer of roto-molded products for the building and construction industry, and utilizing its know-how to produce other value added roto-molded products.


To retain our position as a leading polyethylene water tank, and road barrier supplier in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Polycon Bahrain produces environmentally friendly US FDA approved polyethylene water tanks for storage of clean water that contribute to a much healthier life.


Polycon Bahrain was the pioneer in the Kingdom of Bahrain to introduce water or road barriers that are used on literarily on all road construction projects since 2006, replacing concrete barriers and redefining safety.

Our water tanks are approved by The Ministry of Housing and have been installed in almost all ministry projects in Bahrain in addition to thousands of tanks in private projects and individual homes, replacing potentially unsafe water storage tanks. Polycon continues to develop and explore possibilities where it can add value and enhance the quality of life for people, and provide a healthier environment.


Years of reliable service

Polycon products are designed using the latest and finite analytical methods, allowing for suitable changes to be made to the thickness and variation of the products so that stresses and deflections can be minimized. This makes them resistant to heavy hydrostatic loads with a built-in factor of safety, thereby ensuring many years of service.

Strict quality control

At Polycon Bahrain, products of the highest grade are produced under strict quality control that matches the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2008 at each stage of the manufacturing process.