Water Tanks

We manufacture a wide range of water tanks in various capacities, sizes, and shape. Tanks are designed from the start to take into consideration safety, reliability, and technical performance. Utilizing the latest CAD solutions, designs are analyzed, and optimized to ensure that Polycon Tanks are uncompromized.

Multi layer Polyethylene tanks are produced in 3-layer and 4-layer insulated types. A middle Black layer ensures that no light passes through the tank and reach the stored water inside to prevent any allege growth. In 4-layer tanks and further third layer of special polyethylene foam is moulded to ensure a uniform insulation around the whole tank is created to protect water temperature.

Polycon produces various sizes of tanks from 500 liters to 8000 liters in Horizontal and Vertical tanks. Special shape and size tanks that are custom made for specific applications are also produced such as low height flat tanks.

In case you have any special tank requirements we are able to discuss and study your needs.

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Vertical Tank

Horizontal Tanl

Underground Water Storage Tank

Insulated Tanks